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18 hours ago

NEAR Delivers High Performance Sound To The Outdoors

High performance sound doesn’t have to just stay indoors, at least according to loudspeaker manufacturer NEAR and its outdoor speaker systems. NEAR’s outdoor speakers kits are called NEARSCAPES, and combine a number of ...

1 week ago

Music Hall Announces Sleek MMF1.3 Turntable For Oz

AV distributor Convoy has announced the latest turntable it’ll be bringing to Australian audiophiles, the MMF1.3. An entry level player, the MMF1.3 features an inbuilt switchable phono preamp and ...

3 weeks ago

New Sennheiser Headphone Amplifier

Sennheiser have showcased a new headphone amplifier it says will meet the requirements of even the most demanding audiophiles. Announced at the Tokyo Headphone Festival last week, the HDV ...