Making Waves

The fun ship

Stepping inside, ‘Long Reef’, you could easily be mistaken for thinking you were at sea. Located close enough to the beach to hear the waves roll in and smell the sea breeze, ‘Long Reef’ is the flagship home in an exclusive seven-dwelling estate located on Sydney’s Northern Beaches. But location alone is not the only reason for giving you sea legs. When it comes to style this stunning property takes its design cues from the ocean.

Resembling a luxury liner with nautical style balustrades and lights, portholes, enormous expanses of glazing, faceted milk glass panels, curved lines and a green-grey colour scheme, ‘Long Reef’ is a four-year labour of love for developer and designer Phillip Franks.

The connection with the ocean is felt throughout the whole property, from the imposing curved concrete roofing to the elevated wave-inspired deck facing out to sea. Frank’s striking and bold visualisation is realised throughout every aspect of the expansive home.

When intelligence meets elegance

What makes this property unique is not just its striking and original design but the technology that has been incorporated throughout the property. Simplicity, security and convenience were lifestyle elements Franks wanted to maximise and that is where customs installer, Dean Storey from Inhome Automation stepped in.

“Phil has always been developing very up-market houses and wanted the latest technology, including structured wiring, home automation, home theatre, integrated security …the whole lot,” says Storey.

In order to meet these needs Storey chose to use the iCONTROL Home Automation system developed and engineered by HPM Technologies Pty Ltd. “The benefit of the iCONTROL automation is that HPM delivers flexibility to the system. It is future-based so it sets the client up for anywhere down the track, future upgrades can be made easily, reprogramming is not a problem and anything can be changed within the house,” he says.

The overriding concern of the client was that the technology being installed be kept inline with the contemporary design of the house. “The client wanted stainless steel throughout the house. He wanted a modern look, the latest technology and the latest aesthetic,” says Storey.

Elegant, flush stainless steel keypads were used to create a modern look as well as provide protection against the harsh elements that come with living so close to the sea.



Perfect control

Despite using the latest in home automation technology, operating the system is made easy. Most of the control of the home automation is driven out of remote control LCD touch screen with infrared capabilities. Storey believes the touch screen is one of the most unique features of the iCONTROL system. “It is quite a large house and he does not have to go around and turn every single switch off to turn every single light off. By one press he can turn them all off,” explains Storey. “It has made life simpler, energy efficient and the client is happy,”  he adds.

A specific request from the client was to have a remote which could drive several specific functions from the one remote control. “There is a front gate to the complex and the client wanted one RF transmitter that could control the gate system from out the front and the same remote transmitter to control the whole house.” explains Storey. In response Storey was able to program the RF receiver by HPM iCONTROL to control the garage door, the electric blinds, lights, pool equipment, and home theatre all throughout the house.

Safe sailing

With such a high profile property, security is an obvious concern. iCONTROL was also chosen because of its capability with integrated security. The security system can also be accessed remotely which is an added bonus. “There is a phone dialer interface where you can dial in and arm the system. The Client can be away at work and realise that he forgot to arm the alarm so he just rings up and turns the alarm on by phone,” Storey says.

The security system is also multifunctional. It includes occupancy (movement); light level, infrared distribution and temperature sensors. If the security system is disarmed sensors can perform functions as movements switching light level switching and receivers for infrared control. Infrared receivers can be used to control lighting, Audio Video equipment and Air conditioning.

“The dialer interface can control the entire house, what I have programmed at the moment are a few scenes a few lighting controls as well as the air conditioning and the pool controls so he can call up and turn on lighting, pool equipment and other appliances remotely,” says Storey.



Time to rock the party boat

Let’s not kid ourselves, this place was built to party! With a games room
– complete with a built-in bar, fireplace and steam room, plus a large outdoor area flanked with a stunning 18 metre pool, ‘Long Reef’ is perfect for entertaining. A specific party scene has been programmed to cater for when friends drop buy. “When the party scene is activated the pool lights go up to make the guests feel comfortable as well as lighting up the first floor and kitchen area,” says Storey. The party scene transforms the home into an elegant party boat creating just the right atmosphere to relax, unwind, down a beer and enjoy the magnificent backdrop of North Curl Curl beach.

In addition the control from the iCONTROL Home Automation system includes all the pool equipment including; pool filter, jet pack, booster pumps and pool lighting. Automatic timing within the control panel is used to control the pool equipment and outside lighting. The end result is increased energy management function. “A big key in automation is energy management, you should be saving efficiency,” says Storey who has also programmed stair lights to automatically turn off within two minutes. This gives the client enough time to get down the stairs but does not waste electricity.

Catch a flick

The home theatre has become an increasingly important part of home automation. With one touch the client can play a DVD. ‘Long Reef’ features a state of the art home theatre, including the Bose Life Style system and projection screen from Screen Techniques which would make any DVD enthusiast green with envy. “By one touch of the touch screen remote control it will all start happening,” explains Storey, “it will turn the projector on, pull down the screen and get the DVD playing. Lighting is also linked to the home theatre so the lights will dim and in thirty seconds turn off,” says Storey.


The end result

The client was not the only one happy with the stunning end result.

Eduardo Yudowski, National Project Manager of HPM Technologies was extremely pleased with the the iCONTROL installation, “It is easy to appreciate the dedication of Inhome Automation and quality of their work. Dean took advantage of the system functions such as dynamic scenes, automatic compensation of timers for daylight savings and most importantly the integrated security system,” says Yudowski.

Despite the extravagant result Storey says that the installation was relatively painless, “the iCONTROL system was easy to install and there were no problems with programming. All up the project took about a year and for a decent size house that was a reasonable time frame,” says Storey. Upon reflection he adds, “It is amazing, I would love to live there myself.” The sign of a job well done!

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