Ruark Heading For A Hat Trick

Katherine Woods Synergy AV’s marketing person, is excited about Ruark’s sweet table radio called simply, the R1.

While it looks very much like the model that came before it, Katherine urges we take a closer look.

“Yes, The R1 does look similar to the previous model but its very different. Just about everything about it has been massaged and refined,’’ she says.



The latest incantation of the R1 sports an improved RotoDial control system that Woods describes as looking ‘’slick’’.

Said RotoDial and the R1’s OLED display screen makes for a user interface that is amazingly intuitive.

And while the natty Ri’s cabinet is exactly the same size and shape of the model it replaces, it is now available in either Soft White, Soft Black lacquers or Rich Walnut in a combination of kosher wood lippings and veneers.


A lot has changed inside the R1 as well. The model always sounded no less than dandy via DAB or FM bands. The addition of DAB+ gives the R1 a measure of future proofing.

Ruark has given the R1 a Bluetooth receiver so it now joins the mountain load of audio gear now on sale that have a wireless streaming option.

Other new features comprise a dual-alarm and a USB charge port to reenergize most smartphones when they run out of zap.



And whenever you can’t find a mains power outlet there’s an optional CarryPack and BackPack.

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