French Made Amplifier That Can Be Software Upgraded

From just one amplifier model – the D-Premier, launched five years ago – the French-made Devialet amplifier range has expanded and developed into no fewer than eight models. All are packed with the latest technology; all are software-upgradable to add new features; and all come in sleek black chrome casework, with control via matching handsets or iOS/Android apps.

The Devialet 200 is one step up from the entry-level 120, and has an enhanced phono stage for use with turntables, line and digital inputs, and Devialet’s highresolution AIR (Asynchronous Intelligent Route) streaming from computers, smartphones and tablets, and the company’s Speaker Active Matching, or SAM, enabling the output of the amp to be matched to the speakers in use for optimal sound.

At the heart of the amplifier is the French company’s Analogue Digital Hybrid design, allowing this sleek design to deliver a massive 200W per channel, or be converted into a 400W mono amplifier. Use it with the 200 Slave amplifier – essentially a 200 without the wireless capability – and you can set up a simple four-channel system for biamplifying suitable speakers, or create the Devialet 400, a 400W per channel dual-mono amplifier.

All this configuration – and much more – is carried out using inexpensive SD memory cards: you set them up using a computer and insert the card into a slot in the back of the amplifier (which is the same way future upgrades will be made possible). Or the amps can be supplied pre-configured to your needs.

The same is possible with the Devialet 250 integrated amplifier: as standard it comes as a 250W per channel stereo amplifier, but it can be reconfigured in an instant into an 800W mono amplifier. Add the 250 Slave amplifier, and you have a two-box amplifier capable of 800W per channel, or you can buy the complete package as the Devialet 800, preconfigured and ready to go straight from the box.

7gD_t1jemzqGy9WBl5MfTk-5yt3foE20TIwdJ7h3jcEThese new-generation amplifiers are redefining common perceptions of highend audio: whereas once ‘serious audio’ meant a stack of huge boxes, now an amplifier need only be 5cm tall, easy to set-up and use, and not much bigger than an LP sleeve – there’s even a wall-mounting kit should you want to free up all your shelf-space. Innovative and stylish, these are amplifiers designed to stay ahead of the game as digital music extends and develops – truly an investment for the future.

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