Harman Kardon The Wireless Streaming Maestro

With numerous new wireless audio products being released almost weekly, this year promises to be the year wireless multi-room goes mainstream. Not all these new products are built equal and some are just plain underwhelming.

Not so with American Audio Legacy brand, Harman Kardon. With more than half a century of continuous hi-fidelity corporate know how and a long list of audio patents, when Harman does wireless, it not only works it sounds amazingly good.

Nova, Esquire, Onyx and Nova are Harman Kardon wireless streaming models that redefine the genre thanks to intelligent design, flawless performance and their elegant, fresh up-to-the minute styling.

Harman Kardon’s Esquire Is No Dandy

The appellation Esquire is as English as a cottage garden, Trafalgar Square or, Cricket.

Applied to people, Esquire denotes the rank just below the knightly. Used by Harman, a brand as American as apple pie and cream, Esquire signifies a spanking new portable wireless audio system so novel, it will redefine the way you travel.

If you’re a music loving road warrior, Esquire is a brand new approach to conferencing while you’re on the move. Simply put, and what could be easier to use than Esquire, this is a Bluetooth endowed complete, portable wireless audio system primed for high-quality conference calls or enjoying music while you’re travelling.

Esquire has a built-in custom-tuned microphones and unique noise-cancelling technology for breathtakingly clear calls from your Android or Apple smartphone or iPad.

Getting an Android or Apple smartphone or other device working wirelessly with Esquire is as easy as downloading Harman Kardon’s Remote app and after you’ve done that you can commence to stream your prized music collection from anywhere on your network to a Harman Kardon speaker in any part of your house. The free app makes setting up a doddle and allows control of those features you need to access for a total wireless control experience.

A 10-hour rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will make sure you won’t be shortchanged when you’re on the move.

Along with the great sound produced by dual drivers powered by an a powerful, ultra low distortion, digital amplifier, Harman Kardon wanted the Esquire to impart the look and feel of elegant luxury anyone lucky enough to use it.

To that objective went a rich leather panel and classy metallic finish. Materials which make Esquire light but firmly rigid and so robust it will withstand energetic use and abuse likely to be meted out by busy road warriors who will doubtless fling, rather than place Esquire gently in their vehicles.

To complete the experience of sheer luxury and great sound, Harman Kardon ensures pride of ownership by bundling a 3-port USB adaptor, USB cable, beautiful carrying pouch and a Quick Start Guide with every Esquire. Esquire also features an auxillary 3.5mm input just incase you don’t have the ability to connect wirelessly.

Housed in its carry pouch, the $349.95 Esquire weighs about one kilo and is just 14.7cm high, 14.7cm wide.

For more information: www.convoy.com.au

Harman Kardon Nova Is Ahead Of The Game


Take a deep breath, a long look and then an extended listen to the $399.95 Nova Wireless Stereo Speaker System and like us you’ll walk away thanking the audio gods for the experience.

Nova is that good. Nova is that novel.  So says anyone who has connected Nova to a laptop, desktop PC, tablet, television or smartphone and heard the midrange realism, treble detail, informative bass and sheer rhythmic drive of the music stored on any of these devices.

Talk about cutting edge design and styling! Nova’s see-through turbine enclosure that highlights the drivers inside was built to showcase Harman Kardon’s legendary audio innovations.

Everything about the Nova speaks of an unrivalled attention to quality sound and the use of expensive, exotic materials.

‘’The new Harman Kardon Nova wireless stereo speaker  system signals the next generation of hi-fi without wires,’’ says Sohan Karunaratne, Marketing Director for the Australian distributor, Convoy International.

‘’Trust Harman to deliver a product which flawlessly combines serious audio reproduction with a unique sensuous, sculptured enclosure so artistic it will blend beautifully into the modern home, apartment or office.’’

Inside the striking looking Nova enclosure Harman Kardon has put performance-tuned 2.5-inch drivers and 1.25-inch tweeters, proprietary Digital Signal processing and digital amplification to create a sound where the listener can pinpoint each performer and instrument.

The new Nova is also compatible with just about any device it’s connected to. Offering a choice of analog and optical inputs makes it a natural choice for use with Roku, HDTV and Apple systems and its quick NFC setup makes it so easy to stream music wirelessly from Android or Apple devices via Bluetooth.

For more info: www.convoy.com.au


First Of Its Kind: Harman Kardon Onyx


Hold the headlines! The world’s first full-range wireless streaming speaker housed in an eye-grabbing compact, curved enclosure is here and it’s called the Harman Kardon Onyx.

This genre defining sound system maybe compact but it’s also capable of delivering a powerful yet delicately detailed sound from music stored on your network or  portable devices of various kinds.

Yours may be stored onboard an Apple or Android smartphone tablet or desktop PC. It matters little to the Onyx, which is so useful and versatile thanks to its ability to connect wirelessly almost anywhere via Bluetooth, AirPlay, DLNA or through its stereo input connection.

Once it’s paired wirelessly, your ears will be treated to a wall of sound produced by four channels of digital amplification and delivered through four perfectly matched speakers.

And to make that humongous, detailed sound even better, Harman has given the Onyx model dual passive radiators and leading edge Digital Signal Processing technology. The sound that arrives at your ears will have thunderous, informative bass, inviting midrange warmth and treble which has a crystalline purity.

Headphone listening will also be a joy thanks to a 3.5mm connection. Also nice is a USB port that simplifies setting up and charges smartphones and other portable devices while your music keeps on playing.

Install the Harman Kardon app and this allows fast ‘n’ easy iPhone, iPod, tablet or Android smartphone connectivity to the Onyx.  Bluetooth setting up is a breeze using NFC which requires a single tap. Wi-Fi network connects with AirPlay for Apple, DLNA for Windows, Android and other devices in Harman Kardon’s world famous ecosystem.

The Onyx is available in black or white finish and its built-in rechargeable Lithium-ion battery will play for six continuous hours. RRP is $699.



For more info: www.convoy.com.au



Let The Aura Surround You

Aura by name, atmospheric by nature. That’s Harman Kardon’s elite Aura wireless home audio system.

While most wireless audio systems are drab affairs, the Aura is visually striking and unlike any audio system on the market.

The novel design is distinguished by its dome-shaped, transparent polycarbonate enclosure.  Inside the dome, a reflex port flows downwards where it meets the rear end of a huge 11.5cm bass driver.

Externally a clothed grill covers the bottom end of the enclosure where six, that’s right, six 4cm midrange/high frequency drivers reside. Acoustically, when the Aura is powered up the design elicits an all-encompassing surround sound.


And as with Harman’s other pedigree wireless streaming models, Aura is amazingly versatile and has built-in Bluetooth, Apple Airplay and DNLA audio streaming technology.

These make the $549 Aura a destination hub for just about any wireless media device such as laptops, smartphones, MP3 players and tablets.

Harman Kardon’s free remote app moreover ensures you can stream entire music collections from anywhere on your network to a Harman Kardon speaker placed just about in any location of your house. The app also allows for stress free setup and control of product specific features for full wireless control.

Aura has both auxiliary and optical input connections, features a 360-degree transparent LED-illuminated waveguide dome and is equipped with Harman Kardon digital sound processing which delivers a full range of perfectly-blended, omni-directional sound.



For more info: www.convoy.com.au

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