Philips Backs A Winning Headphone

When five-time World’s best DJ winner, Armin van Buuren pooled his talents with Electronics Icon Philips, the result was bound to be headphones like no other.

Everything about the latest Philips, A5 professional headphones suggests this is a model built to meet and surpass the standards and expectations of professional DJs and other industry pros. But the best thing about them is that Philips has made them available to anyone aspiring to the same headphone standards.

The heart of the A5 Pro Headphones is located where the comfy ear pads meet the wearer’s head. Inside each earpiece is a classy, high-powered 500mm neodymium driver built to deliver a pacey, rhythmic, distortion free sound quality that is also immensely detailed and as crystal clear as the water in a mountain stream.pZXSDJfrn-I0S7YIMAwPtvZk-WC8DxUnGbcuXUJFq7c

Comfort allied to practicality are qualities high on professional DJs’ wish lists. The Philips A5 pros deliver both with earpieces that can swivel through 90 degrees for comfortable one-ear listening during track mixing.

The studio can be a daunting environment for headphones. So Philips ensured the A5 Pro model is sturdy and robust thanks to a hard anodized finish allied to a strong but light aluminum structure.

DJs also want the kind of headphones that can keep the sound in and external noise out. The A5 Pro’s closed-back design does exactly that.

Cables are usually the forgotten feature of any headphone. Not so the A5 Pro, which opts for freedom of movement using a practical 1.3metre long cable, which has a coiled section, that expands to 4.7metres.

Comfort is also assured over the long term with the A5s. The ear pad materials have been carefully chosen so that they feel snug over the long haul, but they also contribute to the A5’s great sound quality.  So they feature deluxe, breathable, non-sweat ear pads that adjust to fit any wear shape while they also act as a perfect seal to keep bass sounds nice and taut and ambient noise out.

After you’ve finished your session, the Philips A5 Pro headphones can be folded away for convenient portability and smart storage.

The $499..95 Philips A5 Pro Headphones have outstanding technical specifications with a frequency response of 10-24,000Hz and an impedance of 16Ohm. Moreover they’re a cinch to drive thanks to a sensitivity of 105 db.

Toting it all up, it’s not hard to agree the Philips A5 Pro Headphones are the model discerning pro DJs reach for when they want a class-leading headphone.

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Mixing With The Best: Philips M1X-Dj

There’s no better match for Philip’s outstanding A5 Pro headphones than the brands own natty M1X-Dj, wireless streaming sound system.

This beautifully styled and finished model allows even the novice to mix sounds like a DJ and play from any device and share tunes and titles.

The deeply talented M1X-Dj will also leave your friends gob smacked as they watch you easily and simply creating incredible sets and streaming songs wirelessly using its built-in Lightening connector/Bluetooth technology.joksHTlI9s1p_xSZ3zzAY31eK5U3NghuZm0obKU2Mc4

The M1X-Dj is bristling with features and along with Bluetooth it has wOOx technology tailored to deliver floor-shaking bass without a hint of distortion. And what’s more, the acoustically tuned coaxial drivers deliver a huge, room-filling amount of sound.

Another well thought out feature is the Mix’s reversible control panel that protects the unit while you’re travelling. The M1X-Dj is also flexible when it comes to power and will run off AC or D cell batteries.

Philips made the M1X-Dj the model everyone can use and built-in intuitive controls and functions. It has a top quality scratch wheel and cross faders along with instrument grade knobs and sliders and seamless djay 2 app integration.

You can also expand the $549.95 M1X-Dj thanks to an audio out connection that invites external speakers and amplifiers.

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