Jamo’s Concert Series Fills The House

Not sure if illustrious industrial designer, Kieron Dunk had PAF on his creative agenda when he thought about how the new Jamo Concert Series should look.

Point is, the final result is a range of swish Danish speakers with simple, flowing contours that will look as fresh in your home as a vase of newly picked sunflowers.

Partner Acceptance Factor (PAF) aside, the Concert Series is also a testament to a manufacturing know-how that Jamo has refined to a high art over the last 40-years.

The elegant cabinetry whispers ‘’designer flair’’ and will no doubt inspire pride of ownership and quite a few conversations with any visitor that sees them in your home.

You can comfortably tell one and all, your Jamo Concert Series speakers sound just as good as the styling indicates they should. Good sound doesn’t happen by chance.OhHp6DeFbs6WmGdUy5tukPdHQN08PbRKqhEZ1SHbRcY

Jamo is a master of wringing class-leading performances from just about every speaker it builds. To get this level of sonic prowess requires a rigid speaker cabinet filled internally with expensive, hi-tech parts.

Jamo can rightly boast how the new range uses advanced Hybrid Composition Conical Cones (HCC) chosen for the ability to provide the stiffness and strength of aluminum or titanium. The material also has the fast dynamic response and smoothness of wood fibre that has self-dampening resonances at high frequencies to give listeners a smooth midrange performance.

The Concert Series models compliment this sumptuous mid-range and taut bass with crystalline treble using redesigned silk dome high frequency.

The Concert Series is a comprehensive range of speakers comprising elegant floor standers, svelte stand mount and centre channel and rear speaker models as well as several powerful subwoofers.

Pricing is attractive and the majority in a range of 15 models is priced from $790 to $2000. The flagship models are priced at $5490 and $6490.

For more information:  www.jamo.com.au

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