Heos Is Here

Over the last month our house has been HEOS’ED – and everyone is thrilled.

If you haven’t heard about the HEOS way of using your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy Note 4 (or just about any other Wi-Fi enabled portable device), here’s the rundown.

Denon, an illustrious Japanese audio-video brand has been building high quality Hi-Fi and Home Cinema models for longer than any of us can remember.

Point is, and hundreds of reviews and dozens of awards attest to this, Denon seldom fails to hit the mark build or sound wise with its products.

So when the whisper went around the audio circles that Denon was turning its deft design talents towards a range of easy-to-use and great sounding wireless audio systems, champagne corks began popping.

Reason being that while any garden variety outfit can muster up wireless audio gear, most are forgettable when it comes to sound. Denon, bats in audio’s premier league. Its wireless audio products were always bound for greatness-and after long listening sessions with the HEOS range, it’s fair to say they are.

The five HEOS models comprise the following three wireless speakers:

HEOS 3 $449, HEOS 5 $599 and HEOS 7 $899.

Each speaker will stream wirelessly from Android and Apple compatible devices. And each is really a complete audio system with its own built-in speakers and powerful, Class D digital amplifiers.

Denon also ranges the $549 HEOS Link that adds HEOS multi-room functionality to any existing audio system. There’s also the $799 HEOS AMP which will hardwire to any pair of stereo speakers while accepting music sent wirelessly to it from a horde of portable devices.

We’ve been using Denon’s HEOS 7 wireless speaker and the HEOS Amp and have to say it was a cinch to set up and the user interface is about the nicest and easiest on the planet.a4PG8-YuNOMe2eXjCc_hiCpCxaNsd4_MFwByMz2-TUA,NETR-nxQWM1WHW0N0rYwNfwf9Dj9-b_ciRVYP3737NA

For more information: www.heos.com.au

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