Samsung Creates “A Music Ecosystem” – With Valves!

Samsung is a huge player in the consumer electronics industry, and its products have been steadily marching “up market” over recent years.  Its TV offerings are achieving a very high standard and it is now bringing its wireless multiroom audio offerings up to the same level.

The brand new range comprises the M3, M5 and M7 Multiroom triangular speakers, a stonking, trouser and skirt flapping 320 watt soundbar, and a 1330 watt Home Theatre System.

Samsung’s Audio Visual division director, Brad Wright is pleased as punch about the new range and its ability to be a multiroom, wireless audio solution for heaps of people.

“Home audio has come a long way. It is no longer about simply listening to music from a single room, as Samsung believes that people are seeking a solution that is versatile enough to provide a great sound experience around the home and that can integrate with multiple sources whether it be a compatible smartphone or selected online streaming service,’’ he says.

‘The new Samsung Sound range is great for families and music enthusiasts who are looking for products that deliver a quality sound experience for the home and that is both easy to set up and control.’’

The recently released group of products below make extensive use of audio streaming, a very convenient technology we first became familiar with through Bluetooth hands-free phones in our cars through to streaming from our iPods and phones and convenient platforms like Apple TV.

The novel twist is that Samsung has reintroduced the old fashioned and highly regarded “valve sound” along with the compatibility and connectedness of powered speakers, a TV Soundbar and Sub-Woofer combination and a full home theatre system.  Samsung describes these products as providing “a complete ecosystem for playing music around the house”

  • Multiroom Link

This is the protocol that connects the speakers through Wi-Fi and a free downloadable App for Android and iOS devices that you can operate from your mobile phone or tablet.  You can then nominate which speakers to play through. Music can be streamed either from your own material you have downloaded or via one of the many free or subscription music streaming services.  An added benefit of the Multiroom Link system is that Samsung Smart TV’s and Blu-ray players can be linked in to become additional music hubs.

The link is also multi-channel, so you can listen to different programmes in different parts of the home at the same time.  Multiroom Link accommodates Pandora, Spotify Connect, Tune In Radio and a variety of other services.

* Wireless access to content requires a Wi-Fi network, compatible smartphone or tablet and Samsung Hub and multiroom speaker, each sold separately. App must be downloaded from Samsung Apps / Google Play. Data charges may apply. Usage may be subject to third party agreements. Samsung takes copyright seriously. Only share content that you own or have the right to share. For more information, visit []

  • Powered speakers

There are three choices of size. The $269 M3, $399 M5 and the larger $499 M7.  They are triangular in shape and can fit into inconspicuous corners if that is your preference.  They come in either black or white to blend appropriately.  The speakers contain up to 5 drivers and can accept streaming in Hi Res 24 bit files.  The M7 features a meaty 4 inch Woofer.  The M5 and M7 are equipped with both Bluetooth and NFC to pair directly with your smartphone and deliver superior sound quality.langtoBZt472WHBJwMhAdJu_Jf51mjykRuZSco7sdes

Audio quality was high on Samsung’s list when it set out to design the wireless multiroom speakers^. They feature foam core woofers that are light and fast to respond to music’s peaks and troughs. The result is deep, informative bass and plenty of it. Midrange frequencies where vocals and most recorded music resides, is delivered by CNT pulp cone mid-range drivers which work in tandem with silk dome tweeter on the M7 to generate crystalline mid frequencies and treble.

^  Each speaker must be connected to a mains power supply.

The Soundbar

The $899 Series 7 Soundbar provides up to 320 watts of power and with its matching included Sub-Woofer delivers a big sound.  Uniquely, it features a valve preamplifier matched with the latest digital audio technology, for a blend of both “warmth” and “power”.  The Sub is rated at 160 watts and features an 8 inch cone.  The Soundbar can be paired to Bluetooth devices, removing the need to use a remote control.  It can be “woken up” with just one touch for high quality audio.  It sits unobtrusively but elegantly beneath a compatible Samsung TV and can rest on either its broader or narrower edge, so that siting it beneath your large screen TV it’s ridiculously easy.  Sound wise it is all that most would want for their domestic audio and AV needs.  It connects wirelessly~ to Samsung Smart TV’s and the Soundbar and Sub-Woofer connect wirelessly to each other, making setup and placement ridiculously easy.AB2V9vR1qKgPgNFcDxE1UoMPJC2yKNjzEF3S1IbG3sg

~ The Soundbar must be connected to a mains power supply.  Wireless access to content requires a Wi-Fi network,   compatible Samsung TV, each sold separately.

Enthusiasts have known for decades that valves can create a sound that is natural and tonally pure. Moreover valve audio models are renowned for recreating the recording venue so accurately listeners hear the performers playing in a palpable 3D space.

Valve audio products have also earned a reputation for reproducing a spacious sense of treble which has scads of smooth detail.

  • Home Theatre System

The $1099 series 7 Home Theatre System (HT – H7750) presents a combined 1330 watts of power, also featuring that special tube preamplifier for old-fashioned warmth and presence, backed up by the punch of efficient digital audio power.  Samsung partnered with DTS (a digital audio developer) to create DTS Neo, a virtual 9.1 channels of output to enhance the experience.

The system features “Tall Boy” speakers with mid and high range drivers, connected wirelessly to the rear satellites, with a centre speaker and Sub-Woofer to achieve a virtual 9.1 channels of output, utilising only 6 speakers.

The package includes not only that special amplifier but also a Blu-ray player, making a total of 7 pieces for a complete audio system obviously best utilised with an appropriate level Samsung television for the complete entertainment centre.1LS_rwgfi_9Y1TS-wm7QHn5ZydZrUKR8dsc1R4MaocQ

  • Value

For cutting edge technology, these Samsung releases represent keen value.  The Home Theatre System has a recommended retail of $1,099.  The Sound Bar package including Sub-Woofer is a competitive $899, and the M7, M5 and M3 speakers (in black or white) are at $499, $399 and $269 a pair respectively.

  • The Sound

All these convenient and unique features would be mere embellishments if the performance were not up to scratch.  Fortunately, the performance catapults this foray into a more ambitious audio sphere very successfully.  The real “kicker” is the effect of that valve preamplifier. Samsung’s blending of the exotic appearance and historical resonance of valves with modern technology seems to work on a number of levels. It is something to impress friends, and most importantly, pays off with a sound quality that is more relaxed and satisfying, and less “mechanical”, than many competitors.

There is much to be said for the economic power of the big companies.  Their volumes have a beneficial impact in reducing unit costs, and they have the research, resources and warranty backup to inspire confidence when purchasing. Samsung Electronics Australia is a division of a huge Korean company and continues from strength to strength.

Samsung Sound is a series of short videos and events inspired by Samsung’s innovative new range of audio products. Further information is available from the website:


Samsung Embraces Curves

After releasing its best-selling curved TVs, Samsung has now followed up with the world’s first TV-matching Curved Soundbar.

Designed to complement the sleek styling of Samsung’s Curved UHD TVs, the HW-H7501 Curved Soundbar will give consumers the matching and powerful sounding audio system they’ve been craving to go with their swish Samsung Curved TV.

The new Curved Soundbar will be an eye arresting object of art and one that is tailor made to be mounted horizontally for owners of Samsung’s 55 or 65-inch Curved UHD TVs.

And in a real bonus for décor conscious consumers, the new Curved Soundbar is not only perfect for wall mounting, it can also easily be installed under the TV – replacing the TV stand – without any requirement to drill separate holes into the wall.

Samsung’s latest stunner has a slender width of just 42 mm and a curvature radius of 4,200mm, exactly the same curve profile of Samsung Curved UHD TVs.

The Curved Soundbar extolls Samsung’s creativity and is an evolution of world-class premium design. As you would expect, Samsung choose a chassis made of exquisitely brushed aluminium finish. It bespeaks Samsung’s established unique premium identity and it fulfils its mission as a perfect match for the company’s elite 55 and 65-inch TVs.

As befitting its leading edge design, the new Curved Soundbar carries a premium grade sound system designed to envelope listeners in an immersive sound experience. It’s also a joy to use.

The Curved Soundbar supports 8.1 channels of sound and adds two speakers on both of its sides to deliver sound that seems to be coming from three directions creating more spatial detail and a copious surround sound field.

The new Curved Soundbar’s extensive range of user-friendly features can be controlled using their Samsung’s TVs remote and by connecting the Soundbar to the Samsung TV wirelessly via the brand’s ‘’TV SoundConnect’’ feature through Bluetooth technology. Price of the new Curved Soundbar will be announced soon.

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