Yamaha Raises The Bar

Premier Audio Video brand Yamaha’s newest Surround Sound Bar joins an exquisite range of audio-video receivers, speakers and Sound Bars.

Yamaha pioneered the Sound Bar market when it released its solution for neat and petite living room cinema style sound called the YSP-1 Sound Bar.

But that was way, way back in 2004. And Yamaha, never one to rest on its techno-laurels, has since then followed up with smarter, better sounding, more stylish and better equipped Sound Bars at regular intervals.

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The newest is the YSP-2500. Pitched at the budget but nonetheless quality conscious part of the market with an affordable price tag of $1099, the YSP-2500’s suite of features and leading edge sound quality are making it a best seller.

Movie and music lovers, who don’t wish to clutter their smart apartments or living rooms with a mountain load of surround sound gear, are beating a conga line to Yamaha dealers’ showrooms for a YSP-2500.

Their reasoning is as simple to follow as ABC. Most have a large, flatscreen TV. And as we all know TV sound isn’t as huge or immersive as the picture quality most big TVs deliver.

Enter the Sound Bar. In particular Yamaha’s Sound Bars. Every model in the range is tailored to provide a sumptuous multi-channel cinema sound experience neatly and unobtrusively.

Those opting to choose the YSP-2500 get all of the sound quality of its distinguished award winning predecessor, the YSP-2200 and much, much more for their dollars.

The YSP-2500 responds to a generation of music lovers who love to stream music stored on their portable devices, computer or smart phones wirelessly.

The YSP-2500 obliges with its seamless wireless streaming technology. It works nicely with any Bluetooth-enabled appliance and offers app control via Yamaha’s free-to-download HT Controller app. An app compatible with iOS/Android smartphones and tablets.

While the natty Sound Bar produces bundles of musical detail, a very powerful sub-woofer that is bundled in for the $1099 asking price more than augments the bass.

And if you’re asking, the answer is ‘’yes, of course the sub-woofer is a wireless model.’’ What else would you expect from Yamaha.

Moreover, the sub-woofer is designed for either vertical or horizontal positioning.

But the YSP-2500 is as much about great sound as it is about clever features. Inside the Sound Bar are 16 compact speakers each driven by its own discrete amplifier.

Steering the sound and sound effects precisely around a room the way it was intended to be heard by the film’s director is done by intelligent YSP technology that ‘‘steers’’ the sound using focused beams.

When it comes to picture quality, consumers will be pleased to hear, the YSP-2500 supports 4K Ultra HD 50/60 Hz and looks ahead to the next generation of picture quality. Up to three HD signal sources can be linked simultaneously via 3D-capable HDMI.

The YSP-2500 stands out in a crowded market place, Yamaha’s AV Product Manager, Damien Henderson says.

“After a decade in the Sound Bar space, we are continuing to innovate with YSP technology serving as the key difference between Yamaha and the rest of the market.’’

Consumers agree. Which is why they’re snapping up Yamaha Sound Bars around the nation.

For more information: au.yamaha.com

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