ATC Loudspeakers Appoints A New Australian Distributor

Adelaide’s Jag Imports is now distributing UK based speaker brand ATC in Australia.

ATC is a distinguished global brand famous for designing and manufacturing its own unique professional studio standard speaker drivers and cabinets.

Half of Hollywood’s sound stages and hundreds of recording studios use ATC speakers. A fact that hasn’t gone unnoticed by famous performers who hear the speakers onstage and go on to buy models for their homes.


Australians will also be pleased to hear ATC’s Technical Director is Billy Woodman.

Woodman who was raised in the Victorian boom gold mining city of Castlemaine coincidentally also has a property in Adelaide. A geographic connection that will see him work closely with JAG’s owner, Jim Tate and his son Aaron, to give ATC loudspeakers the profile they deserve.

Mr. Tate is the owner of Adelaide Hi-Fi Specialist store called Jim Tate Stereo. Industry experts acknowledge Jim Tate Stereo as the longest serving and most eminent Linn dealership in the world.

“We are excited to represent ATC in Australia. The brand has a global reputation for its excellent build quality and sound. Dealers in WA, Queensland and Victoria have already signed on to be ATC dealers. ‘’

‘’But we intend to keep the dealership network tight and confined to specialists who have the experience and facilities to give music lovers the ATC demonstration they deserve. We favour a single pair of speaker auditions for example.’’

The large ATC product portfolio represents a sizable investment for JAG Imports. The range Kicks off with the Hi Fi Entry series priced at $1998-$15,000. Next comes the floorstanding Power series with prices straddling $17-95,000. The similarly priced Classic series is the stand mount version of the power series.

The High End series has three models that are expected to be priced from $35,000. A Special Edition, Anniversary range with sleek new cabinets is on the way with prices to be announced.

ATC’s vertically integrated manufacturing model gives the company the flexibility to use just about any veneer a client desires.

“We had one customer who wanted his speakers to be finished in English Oak Wood. ATC easily obliged. It’s this level of flexibility and ATC’s legendary reputation for sound quality that makes the brand such an exciting acquisition for JAG Imports,’’ says Aaron Tate.

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