PS Audio’s Hybrid Amp Is A Giant Killer

Magenta Audio is now delivering the new PS Audio Signature BHK250 Stereo Amplifier to its network of Australian dealers.


Mike Kirkham, Magenta CEO, describes this $11,395 model as one of the best he has ever heard.


“The BHK250 may have a mid-fi price, but it’s a high end model which had a design goal to be one of the top five amplifiers in the world,’’ he says.


Manufacturer Paul McGowan owner of PS Audio readily admits the new amp exceeds the kind of pricing he usually prefers for his high-end sounding but affordable range of products.


But he wanted to challenge rival amplifiers selling way above $50,000. So he invited close friend and legendary designer, Bascom H. King, to come out of retirement and design a masterpiece.


King responded in style and the result is the Signature BHK250 amplifier that blends a valve triode signal input stage with an all-MOSFET circuitry.


Delivering a hefty 250 watts per channel into 8Ohms and 400 watts into 4Ohm loads, the new amplifier runs in pure class A mode for the first 20 watts.


King design sees the Tube and MOSFET stages totally isolated, with the valves off in standby mode. Initially it was planned to use 6H23 NOS tubes but King and McGowan felt Gold Lion 6922 gold [pin Russian tubes sounded better, so these were the final choice.


Music lovers keen to hear PS Audio’s finest amplifier registered plenty of interest in the new amp. Magenta Audio has organized listening nights at many of his dealers and these have been packed out.


We got a chance to hear the BHK250 driving high-end PMC speakers at Carlton Audio Visual recently. What we heard was an assured high-end performance from an amplifier had transparency, detail, rhythm and pace and musicality in spades.


The news for audiophiles just keeps getting better with Magenta Audio also carrying limited stocks of a $22,795 Bascom H. King Signature 300 mono bloc

version of the new amplifier.

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