Audio Research Turns It On In Melbourne

Synergy Audio Visual, suppliers of Audio Research chose Melbourne store, Carlton Audio Visual as the venues to show case the brand’s new G Series Hi-Fi.

The Galileo series takes its styling cue directly from Europe. The young, talented Italian designer entrusted with the series makeover has managed to blend iconic AR features with styling cues that are much about Bauhaus as they are Minnesota, the brand’s traditional headquarters.

The G series comprises the GS150 amplifier bristling with KT150 tubes and good for 150 watts per channel. The GSPre Preamplifier (a confused and confusing model name) is a line stage/phono stage/headphone amplifier built to a sonic standard ensuring every part sounds sublime.

The model that set my pulse racing was the GSi75 integrated amplifier. Ownership of an AR D70MK11 and a Classic 60 amplifier and now a Ref 75 amplifier, tells me Audio Research hits my sweet spot with models rated 50-75 watts per channel.


But be aware, the new styling is bereft of handles-anywhere.

Carlton Audio Visual had the GSPre and GS150 powering the Sonus Fabers in one room with an Audio Research Ref CD9 providing the signal. Nordost provided the Hemdall 2 speaker cables and Valhalla power cables.

Carlton Audio Visual Co-owner, Rab Turner, explained to the guests how he compared Audio Research products to a Bugatti Royale or Purdy Shotgun.


“Audio Research inspires pride of ownership. It’s the kind of gear you buy and keep enjoying for twenty years’’, he said.

Synergy owner, Philip Sawyer explained the brand’s expensive price tag by telling the audience, the brand’s head engineer listens to every product, before it leaves the factory.


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