Denon Keeps The Price Of Admission Affordable

While traditional two-channel stereo sales keep right on churning, Home Cinema equipment figures are not exactly creating any new records.

Clearly though, there must be some kind of continuing demand that makes it worthwhile for the likes of Denon and Yamaha to keep on releasing new models.

Denon latest batch comprises two upper class but nicely priced Network AV receivers, an affordable full 4K Ultra HD Receiver and two full 4K/HDSCP 2.2 supported Receivers.

Network AV Receivers

Denon calls the $1,799 AVR-X3200W and $2,799 AVR-X4200W home theatre centres because both do a lot more than a traditional ASV receiver.

The pair has the latest HDMI connections and both have built-in Dolby Atmos and DTS: X processing.  The latter can be utilized via a free firmware update coming later in the year.

Other prime features aboard these models are several new 3D sound formats and the ability to send the same or a different audio signal to a second zone of a house in another room.

The video section on either receiver is built to accommodate the latest HDCPO 2.2 spec required for 4K Ultra HD copy-protected content. The 7.2 channel AVR-X3200W is rated at 180 watts per channel and has built-in Bluetooth streaming. The 9.2 channels AVR-X45200W is rated at 200 watts for each of seven channels, has a nine-channel processing capability, 11 speaker terminals and 13.2 channel pre-out connections.

Affordable Bluetooth Enabled Ultra 4K Receivers

With a price tag of $599 the new AVR-X520BT 5.2 channel receiver has full HDCP 2.2 features, 3D compatibility on all HDMI inputs and can pair with up to 8 Bluetooth devices wirelessly. Power rating is said to be 130 watts per channel.

Network Dolby Atmos, DTS: X Receivers

Denon’s 7.2 channel home entertainment centres are called the AVR-X2200W and the AVR-X1200W. Prices are $1,499 and $1,199 respectively.

This kind of money buys Dolby Atmos decoding and DTS: X readiness via a firmware update available later in the year. Both support full 4K Ultra HD formats.

The AVR-X1200 W is rated at 145 watts per channel and the AVR-X220W delivers 150 watts per channel.

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