Interdyn To Launch Two New Pro-Ject Turntables

International Dynamics will shortly launch two new Pro-Ject turntables, currently the #1 turntable brand in Australia the award winning decks are proving popular with both top end audiophiles and those into retro sound.

The two new decks are designed specifically for the entry level market which Pro-Ject claims are for people who want to experience true audio quality on a budget. The new Primary turntables’ design takes inspiration from its accomplished Elemental and Essential II models.

Like the Essential player, the Primary is a traditional layout with an MDF plinth, platter and felt mat. The plinth is available in matte black, white or red finishes, and a detachable dust cover is included. A belt-drive design, it offers 33 and 45rpm manual speed selection and claims to use a low-vibration synchronous motor controlled by a built-in regulator for improved speed stability. The 8.6in aluminium tonearm with sapphire bearings is borrowed from the Elemental and comes pre-installed with an Ortofon OM 5E cartridge for simple plug and play operation from the moment the Primary is out of the box.

Available in two options, the standard Primary is terminated with RCA cables for connection to a moving-magnet phono stage, while the Primary Phono USB boasts a built-in phono stage and optional USB output for recording vinyl to a PC or Mac.

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