EXCLUSIVE: CEO Quits Bush Australia

Brian Rogers the CEO of Bush Australia has quit.

Highly regarded Rodgers took on the role in 2013, after former CEO Daniel Todd quit the Chinese owned Company who has struggled selling cheap Chinese technology dressed up as European brands labelled Blaupunkt, Bush and Grundig.

Bush Australia is owned by UK Company, Harvard International who in turn is owned Chinese manufacturer Chengdu Geeya Technology.

Bush Australia’s consumer electronics product ranges have gone up and down like “Yo Yo’s” claims one former employee.

Among the brands that Bush has tried to sell into retailers are products labelled, Blaupunkt, iLuv, View21, Alba, Goodman’s and Bush all products that have no relationship with the original Company other than via a licensing arrangement for the name.

Many of the group’s new products were developed and project managed by Bush Australia, they included a Bush digital radio, kettle and toaster pack.

With the introduction of Freeview MHEG5 in 2011 Bush Australia led the way in the introduction of user friendly PVRs but this eventually slowed as consumers bought TV’s with built in PVR capability.

The Company also developed the first Australian profile Freeview HD STB, Australian profile Freeview PVR and Australia’s first ‘talking set top box’ in association with Vision Australia for the vision impaired capable of talking menus and electronic program guide.

According to sources one of the major problems for Bush Australia has been a move by retailers into sourcing their own house brand products.

They also failed to get retailers to accept their Blaupunkt branded TV’s.

One retailer said “Today’s consumer does not know the Bush Blaupunkt of Grundig names. They are old European brands that mean nothing to today’s market”.

For a while Bush Australia also distributed the iLuv brand. Designed in New York the brand was popular during the iPod dock era and then struggled as streaming became popular.

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