Audio Active Secures Distribution of Emotiva Audio and Home Cinema Range

Audio Active has been appointed the sole Australian distributor of US-based Emotiva’s range of audio and home cinema products.

Designed in Tennessee by the company’s in-house engineers and R&D team and headed by Dan Laufman, Audio Active says that Emotiva products, including amplifiers, loudspeakers and subwoofers, cater to all levels of the market, from entry level to audiophile.

According to Audio Active, Emotiva’s range of “high performance, genuine value for money” products are a “great choice for those who are new to the market or considering upgrading to the next level of equipment or beyond.”

The company’s products are manufactured in the US as well as by its partners internationally. Emotiva joins a range of other major brands currently distributed by Audio Active, including Paradigm, Anthem and Tannoy.

Audio Active said it has placed its first order of Emotiva products, which it expects will arrive in Australia in the coming months.

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