Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker Combines The Old And The New

The Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker takes a significant amount of inspiration from the past.

Available for pre-order from UncommonGoods through Kickstarter before a release on the online retailer’s website at a later date, the Vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker prominently features a reclaimed vinyl LP repurposed into the shape of a gramophone.

Mixing modern and retro, the speaker features a coaxial speaker specially chosen to compliment the horn shape built into a plywood enclosure, and (as its name suggests) the vintage Vinyl Bluetooth Speaker also features Bluetooth connectivity.

The product was created in a collaboration between UncommonGoods and a company called Vinylux, which has been making products out of reclaimed vinyl for fifteen years.

Backers to the Kickstarter campaign can select a genre that will determine what vinyl LP will be used to build their speaker. Labels with customised text or album artwork can also be added for an additional cost, or backers can choose to send in their favourite album to be used.

The Kickstarter campaign runs until June 17, with rewards starting at US$185 ($249). Once released, the speaker will retail for US$235 ($316).

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