NAD Amp Picks Up Prestigious Award

The European Imaging and Sound Association (EISA) has given its Best Value Amplifier award for 2017-2018 to the NAD C 338 HybridDigital Integrated Amplifier.

Marking the first time Chromecast has been built-in to a hi-fi amplifier for music streaming, EISA said it had honoured the NAD C 338 because “nothing else matches its performance at the price”.

“NAD is famous for powerhouse amplifiers that punch way above their weight – but the C 338 brings a whole new dimension to the marque,” EISA said in a statement.

EISA is comprised of 50 specialist interest magazines in Europe, as well as the “editorial leaders of premier publications” in North America and the Asia Pacific region.

As part of its judging process for the 30th EISA Awards, products receive “intensive testing and audition” by EISA member magazines, who submit their top picks for each category. A vote at EISA’s annual General Meeting then determines the final winners.

“Despite its slim size, the amp’s Class D power stage packs 50W per channel and offers almost every input you’ll ever need – from Bluetooth, optical/coaxial digital, MM phono and line-level analogue,” EISA said.

NAD’s director of technology and product planning Greg Stidsen said the company was “continually finding new ways to enhance the music listening experience at home.”

“To receive such a prestigious honour from an illustrious panel of judges reaffirms that we are creating market leading products with advanced digital technologies that are truly enriching consumers’ lives,” Stidsen said.

NAD products are distributed by Convoy in Australia. More information can be found on the NAD website.

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