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13 years ago

Bang & Olufsen Sold

B&O Australia is set to become a 100% owned subsidary of B&O Worldwide. The deal which is set to be completed within 3 weeks could see a major re ...

13 years ago

Enter The Sonic Arena

After all the hype, can Tannoy's first serious sub/sat system sound as good as it looks? And it looks seriously good...

13 years ago

Is Bose Sound Good Or Bad?

Bose is a major force in integrated sound systems; in fact, they pioneered the concept of small speakers linked to big sound. Now their technology is being questioned.

13 years ago

Wireless iPod Headphones

There's no local announcement yet, but Logitech in the US has announced a set of Wireless Headphones for the iPod.

13 years ago

Sights & Sound

You may already know what kind of video display will best fit your needs and your home theatre space. You may know some of the things to look for ...

14 years ago

B&O Take On Bose

B&O have launched a powerful new entertainment system incorporating 'Little Sister Speakers' of their highly acclaimed Beo Lab 5 speakers launched last year. Also part of the offering is ...