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3 months ago

IFA 2017: New Sony Sound On Show

Sony has shown off its latest sound products at IFA 2017, including new headphones, a new smart speaker and new entries to its iconic Walkman brand. The company turned to the ...

5 months ago

Focal Unveils New Wireless Headphones

Focal have announced a range of new portable headphones aimed at “customers who are both techies and audiophiles”, including two new wireless models. The self described “experts of headphone ...

8 months ago

New Marshall Wireless Headphones Deliver 30 Hours

Marshall headphones which are distributed in Australia by Amber Tech has finally released a wireless pair of the Monitor over-ear headphones that were initially launched in 2013. The headphones ...

11 months ago

Sennheiser Shows Off Their New Neckbuds

This year’s CES was a big one for Sennhesier, with the high-end audio specialists announcing of new products. Chief among them was the expansion of their AMBEO tech into ...