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5 months ago

Marshall Marries Powerful Sound With Retro Designs

With a strong vintage rocker vibe, retro product aesthetics and modern audio technology, Marshall’s products are designed to offer “uniquely clear and expressive sound” to “enrapture music fans around ...

7 months ago

Focal Unveils New Dolby Atmos Home Theatre System

Focal has unveiled its new Sib Evo range featuring support for Dolby Atmos. Building upon the Sib range originally launched in 2002, Sib Evo consists of two new satellite speaker and ...

8 months ago

Klipsch Hits The Water With New Boat Audio Systems

Klipsch have announced a new range of speakers and amplification solutions designed specifically for boats. The new marine audio systems will be available exclusively on sports boats manufactured by ...

9 months ago

NEAR Delivers High Performance Sound To The Outdoors

High performance sound doesn’t have to just stay indoors, at least according to loudspeaker manufacturer NEAR and its outdoor speaker systems. NEAR’s outdoor speakers kits are called NEARSCAPES, and combine a number of ...