Sonus Launching Eight Model Sonetto Collection

Italian sound manufacturer Sonus Faber is releasing its Sonetto Collection featuring eight models including floor standing loudspeakers and centre channel speakers.

The collection was unveiled at the High End Hi-Fi show in Munich.

The collection features, Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V and Sonetto III, the floor-standing loudspeakers, Sonetto II and Sonetto I bookshelf loudspeakers, Sonetto Center II and Sonetto Center I, centre channel speaker options, and the versatile Sonetto Wall, an on-wall speaker which can be used as a main stereo, multi-channel surround or LCR solution.

Sonetto I in White

For this project, Sonus says its R&D team developed new technologies for enclosure tuning, created new transducers, integrated new materials and refined the production chain.

Paolo Tezzon, Sonus faber R&D manager says, “Sonetto is what I like to call a “democratic” range of loudspeaker systems because it is about aiming to the highest quality in music reproduction within a cost conscious package.”

The new collection features the ‘Voice of Sonus faber’, the iconic configuration of tweeter and mid-range with the DAD (Damped Apex Dome TM) tweeter technology and a mid-range complete with its proprietary natural fibre recipe cone, previously only available on Olympica, Homage and Reference collections.

Its electroacoustic solutions include, Paracross TopologyTM on each x-over design for the best contrast and musical detail and definition; Mid-ranges and mid-woofers purpose-built using a special blend of natural fibre and air-dried cellulose; the woofers have been designed from scratch, featuring the Sonus faber die cast basket with a special aluminium alloy diaphragm allowing ultra-fast, tight and yet deep bass performance.

For full specs on each product click here.

They will be available from August with Australian pricing to come.


Sonetto III in Piano Black



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