What Went Down At This Year’s Munich High End Show

At the Munich High End Show last week hi-fi companies all over the world headed to the German city to showcase their new and upcoming products to the hi-fi community. These brands included Sonus, Pro-Ject, Pioneer and Focal.

This was the 36th year for the audio show. Here are some of the stories coming out of the 3 day hi-fi show.

Sonus unveils eight model Sonetto range

The Italian speaker manufacturer is launching a new series of eight speakers from bookshelf loudspeakers to an on-wall speaker.

The collection features, Sonetto VIII, Sonetto V and Sonetto III, the floor-standing loudspeakers, Sonetto II and Sonetto I bookshelf loudspeakers, Sonetto Center II and Sonetto Center I, centre channel speaker options, and the versatile Sonetto Wall, an on-wall speaker which can be used as a main stereo, multi-channel surround or LCR solution.

The collection will be available in Australia from August.

Sonetto White Home Theatre

Technics launching new wireless speaker, the SC-C50

Known for its turntables, Technics is launching a new speaker the Ottava SC-C50. This speaker has a small OLED display on top with seven speakers, three 6.5cm midrange drivers, three 16mm tweeters and a 12cm subwoofer.

There is Google Chromecast built-in, Bluetooth connectivity and is compatible with the usual music streaming sites, Spotify, Deezer and Tidal with additional internet radio and network playback.

Technics have not revealed when this will be available in Australia and how much it will be.

Audiolab is bringing out its first-ever headphones

Audiolab is diving into the world of headphones, partnering with ACS releasing the M-Ear buds to the high end market. There are two models available the M-Ear 2D and M-Ear 4D both with sound stage imaging anda a 1.45m detachable cable, ear tips and a carry case. The 2D model has a two-way, two-driver design and the 4D model has three-way design with four drive units.

What Hi-Fi says these headphones will be up against the big wigs like Sennheiser and AKG.

The 2D model is priced at £300 and 4D model at £600. No word on Australian pricing or availability.

Pro-Ject reveals new Juke Box S2 Stereo set

The Pro-Ject Juke Box S2 Stereo Set is an all-in-one turntable with speakers. It has the usual vinyl playback and Bluetooth streaming plus the ability to connect another source to the input and use the device as an amp for speakers.

What Hi-Fi says it has 50W per channel and a manual speed change between 33 and 45rpm, the belt-driven deck has a Pick-it 25A cartridge pre-mounted on a 8.6-inch aluminium tonearm and a display on top of the chassis.

It comes in either a walnut or eucalyptus finish. The Juke Box S2 Stereo Set system includes Speaker Box 5 S2 bookshelf speakers, isolation feet and cables will be priced at £999. The turntable separately will be £699.

Pioneer releasing affordable integrated amplifier

Hi-fi experts Pioneer showcased its new A-40AE integrated amplifier at the Munich show which has 76 watts per channel and is fitted with the company’s ‘Direct Energy’ output stage designed to run with low power consumption for better efficiency.

It has a power amp direct mode bypassing the volume control allowing to connect to an external pre-amp.

A 2-bit/384kHz Wolfson DAC feeds optical and coaxial inputs – both capable of 24-bit/192kHz playback. It also has five line-level analogue inputs plus a phono input and headphone inputs.

The company has not released pricing but the amp will be available from August.

Focal adds two new speakers to Utopia III Evo range

During the Munich show, Focal unveiled two new speakers to its flagship Utopia III Evo range, the Grande Utopia EM Evo and Stella Utopia EM Evo.

The Grande Utopia Em Evo is the bigger of the two with a 27cm ‘W’ mid/bass driver with multiferrite magnet, with two 16.5 W Flower Power mid range drivers underneath, a Beryllium inverted dome tweeter and 40cm ‘W’ electro-magnet woofer.

The Stella Utopia EM Evo has a 33cm elecro-magnet woofer with a three-way design and Beryllium tweeter and ‘W’ cones.

They will be available from September priced at US$120,000 for the Grande Utopia and US$65,000 for the Stella Utopia.

Sonus Launching Eight Model Sonetto Collection

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